June 28, 2010


At the Amberley Airshow in '08. Half tempted to show the original just to show my photoshop skills. lol Screw it, I will. The unfortunate thing about not being part of the Airforce you don't get to see the aircraft without clowns in or around the photo and without tape and shit keeping people away. Bottom is the original.

It's a Singapore Airforce F-16, as well.

June 13, 2010


Taffy the horse watched the birth of the baby goat with intense curiosity for the entire process. This was right after the birth.

MR P. Bear.

Playing with centralising the focus in this one.

June 12, 2010

Polar Bear

This guy we met at Seaworld on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. S/he was playing with the carpet and a BRIGHT yellow buoy for around 30 minutes. These two I like the most, I might post some more later.


I took this photo at Redbank Shopping Plaza in Queensland, Australia, not far from Brisbane, on the top story of a carpark. I worked there and stumbled over this little fella one day. I found it as is, living in a crack in the concrete. Amazing find. I took it on my video camera as an image, so this size is actually the only copy I've got of it. I'm playing with photoshop with the black and white and foreground stuff.

Fig bird

This is a secondary blog that'll I'm going to use for my images. My MAIN BLOG IS HERE but it has a white background and I think images look better with a black one. All images on here were taken by me.

This little guy is a Fig Bird we found in a paddock at home.